Now you can enjoy a pleasant relaxing massage in the privacy of your own home.

Just place our 3” deep Vibradorm massage overlay on top of your own mattress or on the floor. Choose which part of your body could do with a targeted massage and set the easy one-touch controls.

The Vibradorm Massage Overlay

There are five massage units inside a Vibradorm overlay, which produce soothing vibrations. You can select any or all of the massagers to work at once; choose the massage intensity, massage sequence and length of time required. If you fall asleep during your "session" (and many of our customers do!) the Vibradorm system automatically turns itself off!

These massage overlays provide sensations you can certainly "feel". There is a very marked difference between the lowest and highest settings. Customers rarely need to set the vibration units to full strength. It would be fair to say the most beneficial effect from these overlays is soporofic (making you relaxed and sleepy) rather than a truly therapeutic effect. If you require a penetrating deep "medical" massage, we suggest you contact a trained masseur or masseuse.

You can visit our shop to try Vibradorm massage overlays and full mattresses with built-in Vibradorm massage systems. Or we can arrange a home demonstration if you prefer....

Vibradorm Massage OverlayVibradorm Massage Overlay ControlVibradorm Massage Overlay Double and SingleVibradorm Massage Overlay Double and SingleVibradorm Massage Overlay