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Lifestyle-Plus Bed Dimensions, Styles & Mattress Bases

Dual-action double bed widths:
Two x 70cm (4ft-6”); two x 75cm (5ft); 2 x 80cm (5ft-3”) and two x 90cm (6ft).
Dual-action double beds are suitable for two users. Each user has their own independent adjustable action. These actions are placed in one large bed base.

Matching twin beds widths:
Pairs can measure 140cm (4ft-6"); 160cm (5ft-4") or 180cm (6ft).

Single bed widths:
70cm (2ft-3”); 75cm (2ft-6”); 80cm (2ft-8”); 90cm (3ft); 100cm (3ft-3”); 120cm (4ft) and 140cm (4ft-6”).

Different lengths:
Standard length 200cm (6ft-6”); longer 210cm (7ft) or short 190cm (6ft-3”).

Two styles:
A shallow divan-style, with cylindrical beech legs and locking castors.
A deep base-style with locking castors.

Many headboard and footboard designs.
More than 60 colours to choose from. Fabric or leatherette.

Mattress materials:

Latex Foam

Solid latex: resilient and reliable back-care
support. Foam densities are: soft; medium or firm.
Supplied with a zipped removable mattress cover.

Mattress base foam layers to suit your weight

Mattress base foam layers to suit your weight:
Up to 12-stone (pink shown here); other base layers up to 15-stone; 18-stone or 20-stone and above.
Choose a top sleeping layer of hospital-quality pressure-relieving ‘memory’ foam; latex foam or Reflex foam.


Lost in the Electric Bed Maze?
Worried you might pay too much for the wrong bed? Let us be your guide to a great night’s sleep.

Lifestyle-Plus electric adjustable beds: Our quality mid-price selection.
Most popular combination: A dual-action shallow-base bed with separate adjustable actions for each user.
Price guide: This design will cost around £1,990 depending on which mattresses and headboard you choose.

Lifestyle Plus Electric Adjustable Beds

Be wise and try before you buy. Arrange a visit to our showroom.
Buy with confidence after seeing our products for yourself.

Lifestyle-Plus Electric Adjustable Beds

The electric adjustable actions used in our Lifestyle-Plus range of beds have a suggested maximum user weight limit of 18-stone (114Kg).

  • Lifestyle-Plus BaseStrong 5-way adjustable actions and quiet motors, made in Germany.
  • Bed base boxes made of thick, strong marine-ply.
  • A greater choice of handsets.
  • Battery back-up for motors.
  • Extra-thick plywood flexi-slats.
  • Mattress side clips.
  • A long guarantee.

Lifestyle-Plus Dual ActionDual-action beds have two actions side-by-side in one large base.

Price guide for 5ft dual-action double bed: £1,786 - £1,978 depending upon mattress choice.

Mattress shown, comprise hospital-quality visco ‘memory’ foam on top of weight-appropriate Reflex foam base layers.

Buy Lifestyle Plus Dual-Action Shallow-Based Bed


Lifestyle-Plus TwinMatching twin beds

Price guide for 5-ft wide matching twin deep-base beds with headboards: £2,040.
Mattress shown, has a hospital-quality visco’ memory’ foam sleeping layer and a pocket spring core.
Design Plus Point: Mattress are reinforced down each side by two-rows of extra-strong springs.


Lifestyle-Plus SingleSingle beds

Price guide for top-of-the-range 4ft single user bed: £1,730.

Mattress shown, comprises latex sleeping layer, over CoolBlue ‘memory’ foam and a Reflex foam base layers. Exceptional support and comfort.


Mattress choices - something for everyone

Lifestyle-Plus Mattress Hospital Quality Memory Foam


A hospital-quality pressure-relieving ‘memory’ foam sleeping layer overlaying a high-quality pocket spring core. Coolmax top cover.



Lifestyle-Plus Latex Foam


A generous two-inch deep cool-feel back-care latex foam sleeping layer on top of a Reflex foam base layer. Weight-appropriate foam base layers are available. Coolmax zipped cover.



Lifestyle-Plus Memory Foam


A generous two-inch deep pressure-relieving ‘memory’ foam sleeping layer on top of a weight-appropriate Reflex foam base layer. Coolmax zipped cover.



Lifestyle-Plus Flip Combo


Can’t decide? Our ‘Flip Combo’ has cool-feel back-care latex foam on one side and pressure-relieving ‘memory’ foam on the other. The middle layer is weight-appropriate foam. Problem solved!