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If you have any questions please click above to get straight through to Neal for some answers, or call him on 07931 305979 or 01995 606726

If you live outside of mainland UK, please contact the shop (BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER) with your requirements and we will work out the shipping cost.

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Buy Lifestyle Plus Dual-Action Shallow-Based Bed

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When couples visit our showroom, The Lifestyle Plus, dual-action, shallow-based bed with legs and locking castors, is the one they like the most.

  • A dual-action double bed allows each user to have an individually-adjustable half and they can choose a mattress to suit their own weight or comfort needs.
  • Why legs? Because it is easy to change the overall bed height at a later date, by using longer or shorter screw-in legs.
  • Why a shallow base? A shallow base bed allows the use of an over-bed table or a mobile hoist if you ever need one, whereas a deep-base bed does not.

For those who cannot make an appointment to come and see us, here are the shop’s best-selling beds, for you to buy online.

Please phone the showroom before placing your order:

  • If you live outside of the North West of England.
  • If you have any questions or wish to discuss special comfort requirements.
  • If you would like a Heavy Duty Adjustable action with extra-strong motor system, on one or both, priced at £278 each.
  • If you would like a five-motor massage system (see more), inside one or both mattresses, for an extra £195 each.
  • If you would prefer a deep base, with or without drawers. Please note! The overall height of a deep-base bed cannot be altered at a later date. You will find it difficult to use an over-bed table and you will not be able to roll the feet of a mobile hoist underneath a deep-base bed. To order a deep-base bed you will need to phone the shop. A Lifestyle-Plus deep-base, will cost 8% more than our shallow-base. Drawers each cost an additional £45.
Product: Lifestyle Plus Dual Action Shallow Based Bed

First choose the width of your bed:

All of our dual-action shallow-based beds are 6 ft 6 inches long (200 cm) and contain 2 independent adjustable bed actions with legs and locking castors and are priced the same at £990.00. The widths are as follows:

  • 4ft 6inches (140 cm) wide containing 2 x 2ft-3” (each 70 cm)
  • 5ft (150 cm) wide containing 2 x 2ft-6” (each 75 cm)
  • 6ft (180 cm) wide containing 2 x 3ft (each 90cm)

Second choose the colour:



Third, if you require a double headboard, please select which one:

Headboard HB0008Headboard HB0009Headboard HB0010Headboard HB0017Headboard HB0007Headboard HB0012Headboard HB0018Headboard HB0021

Double Size Headboard:

Fourth User One choose your mattress:

Pick and Mix:
Lifestyle Plus Latex and Lifestyle Plus ‘Memory’ foam mattresses are the same height, so you can have one of each if you like. Then select the User Weight required for that mattress.

Lifestyle Plus Latex - Price £395Lifestyle Plus Latex Mattress

Latex sleeping layers (1”) on a Reflex foam core (turnable mattress) with zipped removable cover. Mattress height including cover is 20cm (8”).

Lifestyle Plus ‘Memory’ - Price £444Lifestyle Plus ‘Memory’ Mattress

‘Memory’ foam upper sleeping layer on a Reflex foam base (non-turn mattress) with zipped removable cover. Mattress height including cover is 20cm (8”).

User One Mattress:

Fifth User Two choose your mattress:

User Two Mattress:

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  • We will phone you to confirm and discuss your order.
  • Your bed will be made-to-order in Britain.
  • It should be finished within four weeks of the order date.
  • We will phone you with progress updates.
  • We will phone to arrange a date and time for delivery.
  • We will assemble and test your new bed.
  • Old bed taken away free-of-charge.