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If you have any questions please click above to get straight through to Neal for some answers, or call him on 07931 305979 or 01995 606726

If you live outside of mainland UK, please contact the shop (BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER) with your requirements and we will work out the shipping cost.

LCC Safe Trader Scheme

We are a five star trader, please take a look at our customer feedback on the Lancashire County Council's Safe Trader Website.

Order fitted single sheets

PLEASE measure your mattress accurately before carefully selecting your order size. Thank you.

Price is dependent on colour and size (see below).
Postage is free (mainland UK only).

White and cream sheets from £22.50

Product: Single Fitted Single Sheets - White or Cream


All other colours from £25.50

Product: Single Fitted Sheets - Colours


While we have done the best we can to ensure the colours on our website match our current rolls of cloth, please be aware colour shades can vary slightly with each new roll we use and depending on how your own computer screen is calibrated for colours.

Order a matching pair of pillow cases

Size: 71 cm (28") x 46 cm (18")
Price: £8.00 free postage (mainland UK only)

Product: Pair of Pillow Cases

Order Fitted Sheets Combo

Price from £45.00 free postage (mainland UK only)

Product: Single Fitted Sheets Combo

Poly-cotton Fitted Sheets & Matching Pillow Cases

Poly-cotton fitted sheets and pillow cases for electric adjustable beds. All sizes from 2ft-6" (70cm) to 5ft (120cm). Extra-deep 13" (33cm) box shape. For twin beds, singles, doubles and dual-action.
Our fitted sheets have an extra-deep "box shape", which pulls right down over the mattress - so the sheet completely covers the bottom and sides of the mattress whenever the bed head or leg sections are adjusted.

Our sheets have a deep 13-inch (33cm) box and are fully elasticated along top, bottom and both sides. This attention to detail ensures each sheet fits snugly around and underneath the mattress and does not 'ping off' when the mattress bends.

High quality and hard-wearing

Our close-weave 50-50 polyester-cotton fabric is made to last for years, even with regular washing. Natural cotton gives the sheets and pillow cases a soft, silky feel and helps provide a cool night's sleep. Polyester fibres are there to provide extra strength.


Our standard in-stock colours are white and cream. In addition we have available the colours shown below, which will be individually made-to-order, so please allow a couple of days extra for delivery.

Light Blue
 Light Blue

Our new Fitted Sheet Combo' for 3ft Electrical Adjustable Beds

Fitted Sheet Combo

Users of single 3-ft beds can use a Fitted Sheet Combo’, a two-sheet combination, comprising a fully-fitted base sheet and a semi-fitted top sheet for those who like a sheet between them and a duvet or when using blankets.

Fitted Sheet Combo (semi-fitted top sheet and a fully-fitted base sheet)
Size 3ft x 6ft 6" (90 x 200 cm)

Other widths of semi-fitted top sheet are available. Phone or email for sizes and prices.

Colours White, Cream, Light Blue, Lilac, Pink, Burgundy, Black, Fuscia (as for fitted sheets above).

Handy Tip 1

Most electric adjustable bed mattresses are 200cm (6ft-6in) long - a little bit longer than mattresses for static or flat beds. Some electric bed mattresses are 190cm (6ft-3in) long, but this is unusual. So, take care to measure your mattresses carefully before placing an order. Our 200cm-long sheets will fit over a 190cm-long mattress, any size overlap will be taken up by the sheet's elasticated hem. We can make 190cm sheets and 210cm sheets for 7ft-long mattresses to special order. Any questions? Phone Neal 01253 726483.

Handy Tip 2

Raise your bed head and leg sections before you fit a sheet over the mattress corners - much easier than kneeling awkwardly on the bed and trying to stretch the sheet over a flat mattress.

Handy Tip 3

British Made Bed Linen
50% COTTON (for cool-feel)
50% POLYESTER (for strength)


Please wash your sheets first, before using them.
This will help prevent the occurrence of abrasion (pilling or bobbling).
Frequent washing (say, once a week) will also help prevent abrasion.
To minimise colour fade over time, always use a mild, colourfast, non-biological detergent. Avoid washing at more than 40 degrees.
If you plan to tumble dry your sheets, do so at a LOW heat (55 deg. Maximum).
If you plan to iron your (non-iron) sheets, do so at a COOL setting (110 deg. Max).
High settings on your tumble dryer or iron can damage the polyester threads.




Watch the video on our fitted sheets and pillow cases for electric adjustable beds.